Casey Cantrell

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Production Assistant 

Filmmaker, Editor, Animator, VFX Artist

Random stuff about Casey

Favorite Place in California: Any beach with waves worth riding.

Favorite Method of Transportation: Motorcycle.

When he’s bored: I have too many interests to get bored.

Preferred Brand of Electronics: Ones that still work.

When He’s thirsty: Diet…whatever or h2o.

Party Time: Mmmm…cake and ice cream.

Just wants to Relax: Video games or a good movie or both at the same time.

Coast or Mountains: Hang ten bro!

Game Night: Sure, when?

Car or Truck: Car baby, fast and sleek.

Snack Time: leftover pizza if available… or Chinese food.

Junk Food: Okay, whatcha got?

Favorite Piece of Equipment: Macbook Pro.

Turn on Some Music: Depends on my mood but usually Alison Krauss is a good bet.

Favorite Color: Burgandy

Favorite People: Nice ones.

Eating Out: I’m all for it!

Sunny or Overcast: Coastal cool but not rainy.

Furthest place from home: Florida.

Wants to visit: Australia and Japan.

Wants to meet: Joe Flanigan and Claudia Black.

Wants to hang out with: Jesus, as much as I can.

Prefers to Wear: Jeans and T-shirt.

Most Used Phrase: “Dude!”

Favorite Superhero: Superman.

If He could he’d have a pet: Griffin.

If there was a Zombie Apocalypse:  Mmmm tasty brains…

Wants to Watch: Stargate Atlantis annually, Oh yeah and a movie I was an active participant in creating.