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  • What services do you offer?
  • What sets you apart from other filmmakers?
  • What do you offer for weddings?
  • What about school events or recitals?
  • How much do you charge?
  • I’m on a tight budget.
  • How much do I need to put down for a deposit?
  • What if I need to cancel or postpone my shoot last minute?
  • Do you travel?
  • What kind of cameras and equipment do you use?
  • Do you offer photography?
  • When will I receive my final videos?
  • Can I order more copies of my video?
  • Can I still make changes to my video once it’s completed?
  • How big is your team?
  • What does REMSCAPE® mean?

Biz Beat RemscapeREMSCAPE® offers professional filmmaking, editing and animating services for pretty much any kind of production. Bottom line, if you want it filmed we can film it or if you need it created we can create it! We have the cameras, tools and staff that can handle any kind of shoot. REMSCAPE® can compose original and custom graphics and animations to complement your video or we can even create an entirely animated sequence. If you already know what you want in your film, we’ll bring it life. If you require assistance conceptualizing your vision we’ll help you lay the foundation of your film.

Our services start before filming even begins and go all the way to custom designing your DVD or Blu-ray, with mass duplication and distribution available as well. Filmmaking is both our profession and our passion. At REMSCAPE® we believe every film is a unique story and we look forward to having the opportunity to tell yours.

Beyond filming REMSCAPE® maintains a network of qualified professionals for roles that support filmmaking: Makeup artist, hair stylists, actors, screen writers, costume designers, set designers, story board artists and many more.

2. What sets you apart from other filmmakersAt REMSCAPE® we are passionate about the art of storytelling. We believe films are opportunities to inspire, create and re-live. Video is essential to an organization’s growth and image and it’s imperative to preserving our most precious memories. REMSCAPE® focuses on producing the absolute best quality in all aspects of production while maintaining the upmost integrity and thoroughness in our customer service. We want your video to meet and surpass your expectations.

In our pursuit to constantly better ourselves and our productions we’ve been able to invest in and expand a wide inventory of some of the latest and advanced equipment in the filmmaking industry. Your film is important and we believe it requires not only the hands of a professional but the best tools to make it possible.

We also know your time and investment is important to you. You can trust in having your video delivered promptly and on time for your deadline. You can also count on having a big budget film look without the big budget film price. Our goal is to deliver a high quality video that doesn’t break your budget and also provides you with a high return on your investment.

3. What do you offer for Weddings?We know there’s a lot to do what it comes to planning your wedding so instead of offering strict packages that you have to work within, we operate on a simple hourly rate per camera and we use a variety of tools that will complement your
wedding video.

At REMSCAPE® we don’t want to make the same wedding video for every couple because every couple is unique. We want to hear what you’re looking for and create something that caters to your personality and preference. If you have a wedding that’s short and simple we can work within your budget. If you have an all day wedding and want maximum coverage we can provide up to five cameras so you can re-live every moment of the day!

We also offer some unique special features just for weddings that include photo montages, dance montages, and wedding highlights. We can even provide you with a web link of the highlights to share online with friends and family.

4. What about school events or recitals?When it comes to live events at schools like graduations, plays or band and choir concerts REMSCAPE® provides an option that’s sure to please! Simply put, the school or organization doesn’t have to pay a thing! Instead REMSCAPE® sets up a table at the event for DVD or Blu-ray orders and for a small fee interested parities can purchase their very own copy of the video. The school or organization gets a free copy of the event just for having us!

This option does require prior approval and some conditions do apply. If you’re a teacher, instructor or administrator contact us about this great opportunity.

5. How much do you charge?We believe that every film we produce is unique and no two are ever the same. Because of the uniqueness and originality we hope to bring to each of our videos, we provide quotes for each individual project based on our client’s vision, budget and time table.

Videography Rates Begin at:

$100/hour (1Camera)
Up to 5 cameras are available for any shoot. Videography rates go down per camera based on how many you prefer.

Post Production:

Includes video editing, graphic design, motion graphics development, DVD design and authoring etc.

6. Im on a tight budget.No worries! We understand budgets can sometimes be tight and we want to collaborate with you. Contact us to share what you’re looking for and what kind of budget you have to work with.
7. How much do I need to put down for a deposit?Once we’ve determined the investment for your production, half the total amount is required up front as a deposit before any production begins. The deposit is
non refundable.
8. What if I need to cancel or postpone my shoot last minute?Your deposit is non refundable should your event or scheduled film date be canceled by you or someone in your party. If you need to postpone your shoot date contact us right away to schedule a new one. Your deposit will still be valid for the new shoot date.
9. Do you travel?We certainly do! We’ve filmed in locations as close as just a few blocks away to as far away as India. We do charge a travel fee based on the distance and duration of the shoot but there’s nowhere in the world that’s off limits for filming.
10. What kind of cameras and equipment do you use?Our equipment changes constantly as the technology of our profession constantly changes. We primarily use pro-sumer Canon cameras but also use Sony cameras that film at high frame rates. We also love using GoPros for intense action shooting scenarios! Basically we use different cameras for specific shoots but all of our cameras operate with super 35mm sensors so we can easily capture high quality vibrant colors and light. Our different cameras can shoot in full HD, 2K or even 4K with 24-960 FPS. We can film in a tradition cinematic method, documentary style or film in Super Slow Motion!

For audio we’re big fans of Rode microphones and especially enjoy using the NTG-3 and NTG-8 which offer clear and fantastic quality audio.

We use a wide variety of other tools including: jibs, stabilizers, dollys, track systems, fully deployed light kits, reflectors, diffusers, green screens and
much more.

For post production we almost exclusively use Adobe products and we’re proficient in Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Encore.

11. Do you offer photography?The profession and passion of REMSCAPE® is filmmaking and so we only offer professional services for filmmaking. Occasionally that includes capturing stills to be added into videos, but REMSCAPE® does not accommodate photography services.

REMSCAPE® does collaborate and work with a number of professional photographers. At your request we’d be happy to recommend a vendor.

12. When will I receive my final videos?This depends on the type of film. For live events like graduations and performances you can expect your video in just two to three weeks. For weddings and more elaborate videos the approximate time is one month. For commercials and corporate videos we know deadlines can be tight and projects can be conceived last minute. If you have a deadline you need to work within, we’ll make it happen.
13. Can I order more copies of my video?Absolutely! All of our productions are carefully archived so even down the road long after your production is finished, you can still request additional copies for a
small fee.
14. Can I still make changes to my video once its completed?Unless specifically requested, REMSCAPE® only archives the raw footage of our productions for ten days after post production is complete. This means after your video has received your approval and you’ve either received copies or your video has been distributed, we will only archive the raw footage for another ten days. After that, only the final video will be archived so future changes will not
be possible.

However at your request we can archive the raw footage of your productions for future videos or alternate versions of your video. But this request must be submitted before the end of those ten days.

15. How big is your team?The core team consists of three talented and experienced filmmakers. We also collaborate with a large team of professionals that bring something unique to every aspect of production. You can most likely expect Joshua, Allison and Casey to show up at your shoot!
16. What does remscape mean?

The name REMSCAPE® has a passionate background. The owner of REMSCAPE®, Joshua Cordero, has always been fascinated by dreams and their relevance. That passion turned into one of his motivations for making films.

Dreaming takes places during “REM” sleep so the name originates from the point when dreaming occurs and is a reference to dreams themselves. Several incredibly unique things happen when we dream. Our mind is more active when we’re dreaming than when we’re awake. It’s when our subconscious creates bizarre and incredible images and scenarios. It could be interpreted as when our mind is at it’s most creative.

The famous artist, Salvador Dali was famous for waking himself up the moment he began dreaming so he could paint, believing that his mind was at it’s most creative point because he had opened up his conscious to his subconscious.  When we enter REM sleep to dream, the muscles in our body become temporarily paralyzed. Scientists believe this is so we do not act out our dreams. A deficiency in this process occurs in people who sleep walk. It’s also been proven that when we do not enter REM sleep, when we fail to dream while we sleep, we wake up just as tired as we were before we slept. Even if we don’t remember those dreams we must still dream in order to function properly, as if we function in a way that demands we imagine and create.

All of that and much more incredible history and details led to a revelation of the connection between watching a film and dreaming. When you dream, you are paralyzed and yet your mind is more active then ever, alive while simultaneously creating and perceiving it’s own creations. REM sleep is sometimes referred to as paradoxical sleep because our bodies are so still and yet our minds are more alive than ever. The same concept can be attributed to watching a film. We are physically immobilized as we watch and perceive a video and yet our minds are alive with a rush of adrenaline, emotion, memories and inspiration as we watch a story unfold.

The ultimate goal of REMSCAPE® is to create powerful, captivating and original films that will physically immobilize while mentally and emotionally intensify.