Joshua Cordero

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Writer, Actor, Voice Actor, Filmmaker, Editor

Random stuff about Joshua

Favorite Place in California: Monterey.

Favorite Method of Transportation: Trains.

When he’s bored: I’m never bored.

Preferred Brand of Electronics: Canon.

When He’s thirsty: Old Town Root Beer Company root beer…or a white chocolate mocha.

Party Time: Take me to an IMAX!

Just wants to Relax: Play Call of Duty with my wife (that’s right I married a gamer).

Coast or Mountains: There’s bears in the mountains.

Game Night: Chess…or Rummy if no one wants to play chess.

Car or Truck: Chevy truck…I need the space for my gear and dogs.

Snack Time: Popsicles, beef jerky, sunflower seeds or a combination of the three.

Junk Food: Icee.

Favorite Piece of Equipment: Sony NEX 700.

Turn on Some Music: Anything by Two Steps from Hell.

Favorite Color: Crimson.

Favorite People: Jesus, Allison and my parents.

Eating Out: In-N-Out or Red Lobster.

Sunny or Overcast: Rain with lightning and thunder.

Furthest place from home: India.

Wants to visit: Scotland.

Wants to meet: Christoper Nolan.

Wants to hang out with: The guys for poker and video games.

Prefers to Wear: Solid colors.

Most Used Phrase: “No worries.”

Favorite Superhero: Batman.

If He could he’d have a pet: Real, a hippo…mythological, phoenix.

If there was a Zombie Apocalypse:  Grab a double barreled shotgun, wait…two double barreled shotguns.

Wants to Watch: “Inception” or anything by Christopher Nolan.  The extended version of the “Lord of the Rings”.  The original “Star Wars” trilogy….this was supposed to be just one?  Seriously?  Can I throw in a show?  Okay great, Frasier, Fringe, Planet Earth and Stargate Atlantis.