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Remscape® offers professional video, photo, editing, animation, aerial, sound design, lighting, conceptualizing and writing services for pretty much any kind of production. We have the tools, experience and staff that can handle any kind of production. If you already know what you want in your project, we’ll bring it life. If you require assistance conceptualizing your vision we’ll help you lay the foundation too. Our services start before any filming or photographing even begins and goes all the way to custom designing your DVD or Blu-ray, with mass duplication and distribution available as well. Remscape® maintains a network of qualified professionals for roles that support the video and photo medium as well: makeup artists, hair stylists, actors, costume designers, set designers, storyboard artists, graphic designers and many more.
We offer both photo and video services for weddings and keep things simple with three distinct packages the accommodate just about any need and budget. Contact us for details.
When it comes to live events like graduations, plays or band and choir concerts Remscape® provides an option that’s sure to please! Simply put, the school or organization doesn’t have to pay a thing! Instead Remscape® sets up a table at the event for DVD or Blu-ray orders and for a small fee interested parties can purchase their very own copy of the video. The school or organization gets a free copy of the event just for having us! This option does require prior approval and some conditions do apply. If you’re a teacher, instructor or administrator contact us about this great opportunity.
We believe that every film we produce is unique and no two are ever the same. Because of the uniqueness and originality we hope to bring to each of our projects we provide quotes for each individual production or based on our client’s vision, budget and time table.
No worries! We understand budgets can sometimes be tight and we want to collaborate with you. Contact us to share what you’re looking for and what kind of budget you have to work with.
Once we’ve determined the investment for your production, half the total amount is required up front as a deposit before any production begins along with signing a Remscape® agreement. The deposit is non refundable.
Your deposit is non refundable should your event or scheduled shoot date be canceled by you or someone in your party. If you need to postpone your shoot date contact us right away to schedule a new one. Your deposit will still be valid for the new shoot date.
We certainly do! We’ve filmed and photographed in locations as close as just a few blocks away to as far away as India. We do charge a travel fee based on the distance and duration of the production but there’s nowhere in the world that’s off limits.
This depends on the type of project but in most cases between one to two months. However if you have a deadline you need to work within we’ll make it happen.
Absolutely! All of our productions are carefully archived so you can still request additional copies for a small fee.
Unless specifically requested, Remscape® only archives the raw content of our productions for ten days after your media has been delivered. All productions are allotted three rounds of revisions based on your preferences. Revisions must be communicated clearly, in a written format and with consensus from necessary parties within ten days of delivery. Further revisions beyond the allotted three rounds will result in additional investments. After that, only the edited photos or videos will be archived so future changes will not be possible. However, at your request, we can archive the raw content of your production for future or alternate versions but this request must be submitted in advance and two hard drives to store your content will be purchased by Remscape® at your expense.
Remscape® reserves exclusive rights for duplication.
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